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Winter Sailing

Ernest Shackleton: The ultimate winter sailor

The summer sailing season is over for those of us far enough up in the Northern Hemisphere to get a winter.  People are busy putting their boats to bed for the winter and making winter maintenance and upgrade lists.

But Wait!  It Doesn’t Need to be the End of the Sailing Season!

Unless you live in a place where the water turns solid, there’s no reason to stop sailing (and even then, you can combine your annual vitamin D run south with some sailing).

In our first few years of sailing, we made a pledge to sail at least once in each month of a year and it was great.  It forced us to get out in snarlier conditions than we were used to, kept us motivated, kept the barnacles off the bottom of the boat, and let us discover what our favourite anchorages are like without the crowds.

If you’re thinking of joining a racing crew to get experience, this is also the perfect time to do that.  Many crews have a one or two fair-weather sailors who have trouble showing up for the weekend races when the weather’s a bit cold or wet.  Jump into their spot and show that you’re willing to put in the work no matter what the conditions!

Take the Pledge With Us!

If you live somewhere where it’s tempting to just curl up inside with a hot cocoa, take the Winter Sailing Pledge with us.  Get out sailing at least once in every calendar month and tell us about it over on the Sail Mentor facebook page (bonus points for pictures!).

Remember to dress warmly, watch the forecast for really ugly stuff, and bring your hot cocoa with you!

(If you live somewhere warm or antipodean, feel free to post pictures of yourself gloating over the beautiful weather while our fingers freeze to the winch handles).

We’ll see you on the water!

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